Jin Soo Wan, the Writer of Distinct Popular Dramas

‘Chicago Typewriter’ will premiere tonight. This drama is the new project of writer Jin Soo Wan, the writer who previously created ‘Scandal in Old Seoul’, ‘The Moon Embracing The Sun’, and ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’. After working with various regular TV channels, his is Jin Soo Wan’s first time to choose tvN, a cable TV channel, as the broadcaster of her drama.

Image source: tvN

In ‘Chicago Tyepwriter’, Jin Soo Wan collaborates with PD Kim Cheol Kyu, the director of ‘Hwang Jin Yi’, ‘My Beautiful Bride’, and ‘On the Way to the Airport’. This drama is also supported by a strong line up: Yoo Ah In, Lim Soo Jung, Go Kyung Pyo, Jo Woo Jin, and Cheon Ho Jin.

The story of ‘Chicago Typewriter’ revolves around three characters: Author Han Se Joo, ghostwriter Yoo Jin O, and an antifan named Jeon Seol.

Image source: MBC

If other popular drama writers are well known for writing romantic-comedy dramas, Jin Soo Wan are known for her expertise in combining several different genres. In ‘The Moon that Embraces The Sun’, she combined history and romance, while in ‘Kill Me Heal Me’, she combined romance, comedy, and psychology.

Meanwhile, ‘Chicago Typewriter’ is a drama with antique romance-comedy genre. In this drama, the story starts when ghostwriter Yoo Jin O created a magical typewriter that could connect the past and the present.

Image source: MBC

Actress Im So Jung said, “When I read the script for the first time, my heart was pounding. I fell in love at the first read. I accepted this drama because it’s that cool.” Meanwhile, Go Kyung Po said, “This drama will make you highly curious of what’s happening next. Not only that, you could also see how the players are deeply connected to their characters.”

‘Chicago Typewriter’ premiers tonight, April 7, at 8PM KST. Congratulations to writer Jin Soo Wan for her new work!

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