Covering ‘Panda Eyes’: The ‘Pink Beam Make Up’ of Park Shin hye, Go Seung Yeon, and Chae Jeong An

Having dark circles is a nightmare for women. Not only it is affecting your appearance, this ‘panda eyes’ might also lower your confidence to go through your activities especially on special occasions. Park Shin Hye, Go Seung Yeon, and Chae Jeong An have tips for you who are facing this problem. What are the tips? Wear the ‘pink beam make up’!

First step: Preparing the needed cosmetics

The first step which Park Shin Hye, Go Seung Yeon, and Chae Jeong An do is preparing the cosmetics that they will use. Prepare concealer, lipstick, and powder. You are free to use any cosmetics from any brand, but Park Shin Hye, Go Seung Yeon, and Chae Jeong An have their own choice.

Park Shin Hye uses Mamonde’s Skin Covering Concealer, Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Color Balm (Neon Shine Pink), and Mamonde’s Cover Powder’s Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++.

Image source: Mamonde

Next, Go Seung Yeon uses Cathy Cat Pro Cover Dual Concealer, Cathy Cat Lip Tint Balm (Pink), and Cathy Cat Cushion Powder.

Image source: Cathy Cat

Unlike the two actresses, Chae Jeong An chooses SK II as her brand. She uses SK II whitening Spot Erase Concealer, Clear Beauty Moisture Lipstick (Pink), and SK II Compact Powder.

Image source: SK II

Before going to the next step, one thing that you have to remember is to use lip tint balm or lipstick in the pink shade because the name of the technique itself is ‘Pink Beam Make Up’.


Step two: Put lip tint balm or lipstick and concealer to area which you want to cover

Image source: Makeup

The step two includes putting on the lip tint balm or lipstick to the area you want to cover. Use your finger to make it neat. Afterward, put on concealer to conceal the area covered by lip tint balm or lipstick.

Last step: Use powder

The last step is to cover the area with your chosen powder.

Now, you don’t have to be afraid of having panda eyes!

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