JTBC Releases Behind the Scene Photos of Park Hae Jin from ‘Man to Man’ Shooting Location

JTBC recently released some photos featuring Par Hae Jin, the main lead of the channel’s new Friday – Saturday drama, ‘Man to Man’. In some of the photos, Park Hae Jin could be seen studying his script during breaks seriously. “When he’s lying down, when he’s sitting, even when he’s walking, Park Hae Jin stays close to his script.”

Image Source : JTBC

Park Hae Jin impressed fellow actors and crews for his work ethos. Park Hae Jin’s character is Kim Seol Woo, a secret service agent. “Park Hae Jin realizes that his character requires some difficult and detailed acting, therefore, he diligently studies the script anywhere and anytime.”

Image Source : JTBC

In ‘Man to Man’, secret agent Kim Seol Woo pretends to be the bodyguard of a Hallyu Star named Woon Kwang in order to finish his mission.

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