Hong Jong Hyun’s Charisma in ‘King Loves’

In the drama ‘King Loves’, Hong Jong Hyun showcased his charisma by holding his sword that made the public curious.

MBC’s upcoming drama, ‘King Loves, is a fictional melodrama telling the story of a love affair between two men and a woman in Goryeo era and will begin airing in July.

Image Source: MBC

Hong Jong Hyun acts as Wang Rin who comes from a royal family who has a hot love story. He acts as the first samurai from the royal family with Wang Won (Im Siwan) who is his only friend of the royal family.

Hong Jong Hyun is expected to show a marvelous action according to his character. He is tall, his long arms and legs will also strengthen his charisma in his actions.

In the picture, Hong Jong Hyun is seen holding a sword in his hand and ready to fight. Even his eyes seemed to focus on the eyes of the opponent. The viewers’ expectations of Hong Jong Hyun’s visual appearance in the drama ‘King Loves’ are getting higher.

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