Top 4 Korean Spring Flower Festivals

1. Gwanghyang International Maehwa Festival

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The festival takes place in Maehwa Village, close to Gwangyang town, Jeollanam-do Province. This village is known as the area with the most plum trees in Korea. Even the name of this village uses the word “Maehwa”, the flowers which blooms when spring arrives. The white color of Maehwa’s petals is on every corner of the village. Along with Maehwa’s bloom in spring was held Gwangyang International Maehwa Festival. This festival is usually done in March is always crowded by tourists from within and outside the country. Each year, the festival carries different themes.

2. Gurye Sansuyu Festival

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Sangwi Village is the village where Sansuyu flower blooms and becomes the main attraction of nature tourism in Gurye. In this area, we can walk around the village through a stone wall lined with yellow flowers 2 km from Sangwi to Hawi. In Korea, Sansuyu flowers are made for tea, alcohol, and food that you can taste while visiting this festival. Not only that, we can also enjoy various festival events such as fireworks parties and some cultural events. There are at least 15 performances and cultural events that are performed including traditional performances, music and singing contests. The various activities at Gurye Sansuyu Festival are indeed able to please all visitors and locals. The sight of the yellow mountain, the gentle breeze of the wind makes us all fresh, healthy and eager to welcome a beautiful spring.

3. Jeju Canola Flower Festival

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The Canola Flower Festival starts in April, when the whole island of Jeju is filled with beautiful Canola flowers. This festival is the most famous event and it increases the tourist visit to Jeju with significant. In addition to a close up view of the festival, visitors are also involved in the event to pass on the spirit and excitement of Jeju Island spring. There are several other tourist attractions that are also filled with Canola that broke out like in Jusangjeollo and Pacific charm. Various activities undertaken by tourists in this festival is the streets in the corners filled Canola blooming, hiking and cycling. Some photography hobbyists do not waste this event to capture as many beautiful moments as they can. Jeju scenery that all yellow, the activities of tourists, the joy of the locals is a photo object that pity to miss. Oya, do not forget to book a ticket in advance because when the festival took a plane ticket to Jeju can certainly have been exhausted just a few before the day of H. You should prepare this tour carefully if you do not want to miss the beautiful scenery of spring in Jeju.

4. Hampyeong Butterfly Festival

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During the festival, the entire city of Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do Province, transformed into a city filled with butterflies. Not only that, the various corners of this city is also enhanced with all the ornaments that are themed butterflies including lights and decorations. In short, butterflies become the city’s main treat during the festival. In addition to exhibiting butterflies, the festival also features a variety of insects and aquatic plants. Not only that, various animals and plants also become a good learning tool for all visitors, especially children who come to visit this festival. The Hampyeong Butterfly Festival which is regularly held annually is usually centered in Hampyeong Expo Park Area.