‘The King Loves’ Episodes 35 and 36, Hong Jong Hyun’s Unexpected Ending of Being A Good Friend Not A Betrayer

Hong Jong Hyun showed an unexpected ending. On the 12th, in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘The King Loves’ episodes 35 and 36, Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyun) was in danger because of Wang Won (Im Siwan). Along with the sudden death of Won Sung, Wang Rin and Eun San’s (Im Yoona) plan to leave has failed.

Image Source : MBC

Eun San could not leave Wang Won who just lost his mother. She asked Wang Rin to postpone his plans. Wang Won used Eun San to arrest Wang Rin. Wang Won looked like the leader of Song In’s troop who leads and drags Wang Rin to king Chungnyeol.

However, Wang Rin’s steps grew bigger.  He was worried about Wang Won who will be alone If he is with Eun San, and Wang Rin has also guessed Song In’s plan to seize the throne of the king.

Image Source : MBC

Song In tried to kill King Chungnyeol with poison, and Wang Rin asked Eun San to make his antidote. He let go of his sword until hhe stabbed Wang Rin. Wang Won thought Wang Rin is a traitor and was surprised by the outcome. Eunsan was shocked too.

Image Source : MBC

“I’ll always be behind you. So I can keep you safe. If you lose something, you seem to be ruined. You’re always nervous about it. Now it’s time for me to left you. Forgive me. My best friend”, Wang Rin told Wang Won. Wang Rin who is thought to have betrayed Wang Won apparently still has affection as a friend.