Goo Jun Hee, Lee Min Jung, Kim Nam Joo, Han Ye Seul, IU, Jung Yeon.. Stars that look dazzling in their short hair

Every Women must’ve at least once in their life time thinking about this matter. When the hair grows long, she wanted to cut it short and when she had cut it short, she wanted her long hair back. This is no longer a rare case for women nowadays. Here’s a list of actresses who are confidents with their short-bob-hair look.

Goo Jun Hee

image source: Shu Uemura

Actress Goo Jun Hee is a star that received a lot of praise through her short bob-styled hair. She cut her hair short and choose the bob-hair style and got herself a lot of nicknames such as fashionista because she looks very confident with her looks and her short hair. Goo Jun Hee thinks her short bob-styled hair fits her well.

Lee Min Jung

image source: MS Team Entertainment

Her short hair has covered her hair for about three centimeters that made Lee Min Jung looks incredibly elegant. In the KBS ‘Boys Over Flower’ (2009), there is one actress that successfully gained viewers attention and that is none other than Lee Min Jung. She successfully created an atmosphere of urban combined with the western style on her characters. Recently Lee Min Jung cut her hair short that left public in awe at her appearances.

Kim Nam Joo

image source: JTBC

The actress who play the role of Go Hye Ran in JTBC ‘Misty’ successfully showed off a tough and outstanding woman character. Actress Kim Nam Joo who played the role of Go Hye Ran to its fullest recently gained viewers attention through her endless charm. Some of them said that Kim Nam Joo’s short bob hair looks stunning.

Han Ye Seul

image source: Han Ye Seul Instagram

Han Ye Seul posted a picture of her new hair that she’s bleached and cut short with the bob-hair style in her personal Instagram that made the netizen praised her new adorable look. Her fans also leaving comments such as “Han Ye Seul is so pretty like a doll”.


image source: IU Instagram

IU has always have this fairy-like image stick to her especially with her long beautiful her yet she cut her hair short and proved that her feminine beauty will not fades. Her short hair showed off her pure and innocent image that leave her fans in awe.

TWICE Jung Yeon

image source: JYP Entertainment

Since her debut, she has attracted many people through her short bob styled hair. It’s all depending on how the stylist styled her, Jung Yeon has showed off a various style and moods starting from feminine and beautiful to a perfectly tough and handsome looking hair.