So Ji Sub vs Hyun Bin, the competition of Romance in the main screen

The king of melodrama So Ji Sub and Hyun Bin will return to the small screen.

The two actor that has turned a lot of dramas with the romance and melo genre success is now returning to work with their newest drama. There are so many time left before the broadcast but these two actors have prepared earlier and gained a lot of viewers attention since the drama’s pre-production.

So Ji Sub will greet the viewers for the first time after two years of absence through the new MBC drama ‘Terius Behind Me’ that is set to air in September. Starting from the romantic comedy to the traditional melodrama, he is expected to be one of the best actor in this genre and he will play the main character who will gives the viewers both romance and laughter at the same time.

image source: Arena

Hyun Bin, the main male lead of drama ‘memories of Alhambra’ that recently just begun its filming in Spain. Eventhough he has a lot of time before the drama airs in November this year, he has prepared himself earlier before the pre-production in order to be able to give great level of perfectness and has gained a lot of viewers’ attention.

So Ji Sub and Hyun Bin is a ‘Man of romance in the scree’ and they had proved their career through their successful works such as movies and dramas.

So Ji Sub is expected to be able to successes bring his character in this drama to life because of his role in the previous drama KBS ‘Oh My Venus’. He is also known as the Hallyu star who has the strongest fandom. This time in ‘Terius Behind Me’ his character will be a tough and cold guy and he will fall in love and going through a rollercoaster of romance.

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The return of Hyun bin to the screen also raised the viewers expectation. Eventhough he has been offered a lot of role to play in various drama, he finally confirmed his role in the drama ‘Memories of Alhambra’ and this work will his first work after three years of absence since drama SBS ‘Hyde, Jekyll, and I’ in 2015.

So Ji Sub will play the role of NIS Agent but he will act comical which his character will get involved in a huge scandal while arguing with a woman whom later he’ll fall in love with. Hyun Bin is a star of the fantasy romance and now he has returned. Park Shin Hye who is known as the queen of romance in the screen is expected to get involved in a worth-to-wait loveline with Hyun Bin.