Song Joong Ki, Eternal affection for his wife Song Hye Kyo… “honestly my wife is really pretty”

Actor Song Joong Ki showed his eternal affection to his wife, Song Hye kyo.

Song Joong Ki recently did a pictorial for fashion magazine Esquire. He also talked about his next work and also his marriage that captured the public attention.

When asked if he thinks that his marriage makes him unable to be his old self, Song Joong Ki answered, “I think marriage is not the end of everything” he said.

image source: Esquire

Then he added, “I was told by a friend of mine that having a wife that I will love forever is fateful. I think the best thing a man can do is to love his woman wholeheartedly” he said.

He also said that “Eventhough money and popularity perhaps an important thing to some people, to me I think the most beautiful and important thing that man can do and feel is to loving the beauty of his own wife”

“I still think and feel like I’m still dating my wife, and honestly, my wife is really pretty” he said.